A spare-time written blog about Sherlock Holmes, the fantastic one and only Consulting Detective. Sherlock Holmes uses catchphrases too often, is rude and sometimes incompetent to emotions of others. But Sherlock can deduce a man of all his secrets in under about 3.5 seconds all on his apperance.
~A point of view from John Watson~

So true haha

I believe in Sherlock Holmes


STOP! Stop everything.
Sherlock is wearing plaid.
I never got that before.
Sherlock. Wears. Plaid.
Which isn’t so major in and of itself, but look at it.
It’s heavy, flannel plaid.
Which is exactly on the opposite end of the clothing spectrum from suits/dress shirts/the purple shirt of sex.
Also, he is wearing it over something, so it’s not all he had clean.
Not only that, (and here I speculate) the shirt is actually overlarge on Sherlock, baggy around the torso and shoulders. You still with me?
Who do we know who is more stocky, and wider in the shoulders? And probably has no problem wearing heavy flannel plaid?
John Hamish Watson. That is who.
No, the shirt would not fit properly (it would be too short), but there’s a table there, so no one can tell me definitely that it actually does fit length-wise.
That is officially John’s shirt. No one argue.